Disability Support HQ is different to the support you have had before. We want to make all this NDIS stuff easy for you.Our belief that that being open and honest is key, no BS here.


We understand the NDIS and how to support you to live your best life. We have been involved in the Disability Sector since before the NDIS existed and we were involved in the early roll-out in the Nepean.


Disability and/or mental health – We have you covered.


Person Centred practices are applied to every interaction to ensure you feel heard and you are involved in all decisions about your support.

NDIS Support Coordination

Lets keep this simple. The NDIS is complicated, and it can be hard to link to the supports you want. 



That’s where we come in, we have been in the disability sector since before the NDIS existed, and we were involved in the early roll-out in the Nepean.



We know our stuff and want to show you how to optimise your NDIS Plan, even after our support.



To add icing on the cake, our Head Honcho ran a Disability Advocacy service in the Sydney and Greater Region for years.


Yep, DSHQ knows how to get what YOU want.



Did we mention our Support Coordination is only $89/hr? That will give you terrific value and extends your funding.



If you are new to the NDIS, here is what a NDIS Support Coordinator does:

  • Understand and interpret your Plan;
  • Connect you with Supports and Services;
  • Design Support Approaches;
  • Establish Supports;
  • Coach, Refine, Reflect;
  • Crisis: Planning, Prevention, Mitigation and Action;
  • Build Capacity and Resilience; and
  • Report to the NDIA.

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

A Psychosocial Recovery Coach or Peer Worker supports you to live the life you want, connect with services, and help you understand your plan.


We want to arm you with the skills and knowledge to take control of your life now and into the future.


How will we help you take life by the horns?

  • First, we will make sure we are a good fit for you
  • We will create a plan with you, so we know what you want to achieve
  • We will work with you step-by-step, side-by-side to reach your goals
  • Connect you with services and supports that you want

A little progress each day adds up to big results.

Two men outside talking about pscyhosocial recovery coaching

Community Access and Outings

The time has come to start doing the things you want with your NDIS Core Supports.


Disability Support HQ is here to get you excited about life again.

Have you stopped doing the things you love because you can’t find the right Disability Support Workers or Mental Health Worker?


Maybe the workers you have are always playing on their phone or are always distracted.


Maybe your workers are always late and never have time to do what YOU want to do.


Why not try Disability Support HQ?

  • We help you do the things you find fun, interesting or find new friends
  • We help you do life – Shopping, appointments and more
  • We are Independent – We rely on your satisfaction
  • You are always in control
  • We are local, like you

Skill Building and Mentoring

Outcomes focused programs designed to build your skills. We will work together with you to identify your strengths and help you develop skills where you want to see improvements.


Some examples of things we can help you build your skills in are:

  • Learn to shop, cook, and clean
  • Build social skills
  • Learn a new hobby
  • Learn to use public transport
Girl with down syndrome talking to her NDIS Support worker learning to use the computer

NDIS Information

Need help working out what’s in your plan but not sure where to start?


We can help for FREE.


Use the booking form for your free 15-minute NDIS Plan Interpretation session. No obligation, no hard sell – Just info and a chat.